Learning Facility

‘Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes‘

A healthy mind in a healthy body results in an invigorating environment. At Green Valley English school, we take pride in providing the perfect growth opportunities for head, heart and hand – mental, emotional and physical fitness. Some of our facilities include-

  • Well stacked libraries to keep abreast with the changing world of knowledge and skill.

  • Well-equipped Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Mathematics, and Geography, providing the perfect balance of knowledge and application.

  • A language lab act up where children learn English through interaction with computers.

  • Digi class facility empowered by edurite.

  • An exclusive space for pre-school which is animated with wall paintings and colourful furniture.

  • A separate play area for pre-school.

  • A separate space for performing art, creative art and SUPW activities.

  • A 2400-sqft area multi-purpose hall useful for the school’s cultural and literary programs and conferences.

  • A sports room with a plethora of resources including Table Tennis and Carrom Board.

  • Courts for Kho-Kho, Throw Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Foot Ball and Badminton.

  • Regular physical exercises and drill – yoga, meditation.


The school possesses its own transport facility to ply in the neighborhood for safe commuting and punctual attendance of children.